Blending and Toll Manufacturing

Concordia will blend and toll manufacture based on customer provided specifications and formulae. We also offer private label options for distributors who wish to establish or augment their own product lines. We can often supply countertypes to commonly used brand name products.

Blending And Toll Manufacturing

Meeting Your Needs

Our team will take the time to understand the needs of your business and provide the blending and toll manufacturing you need at the price you want. By working with our experts eliminates risks, ensuring that you get the best product possible. We are committed to cultivating long-term relationships with our customers, which ultimately streamlines the process of creating custom blends.


Concordia Chemical Import Service

Since 2003, we have always placed a high value on discretion and integrity. As a result, our business model demands that each transaction we complete, whether local or international, must provide the foundation for future business.


Understanding Your Needs

We can provide a confidential, in-depth analysis of your overseas chemical procurement program and make objective recommendations regarding improvements. Concordia Chemical can assume total, or partial, responsibility for your program and produce immediate cost savings. Concordia Chemical provides complete and professional import department services to companies without such an in-house function.


Flexible Customized Services

We can also establish and manage private label programs for imported chemicals for your organization. Alternately, we can simply act on a case-by-case basis as the requirements arise. If the product you need is not available from one of the many manufacturers that we work with, we will quickly and efficiently find the right source. As markets change, Concordia will demonstrate your options and help your company to benefit from them.

Six Simple Steps, From Purchase to Financing