Our Process

We have refined and streamlined our process to make it as simple as possible for our customers. Our 6 step process – from purchase to financing – ensures on-time delivery whilst shielding our customers from the constantly evolving regulatory environment.



The quoted price will not be adjusted for unforeseen costs. These could include customs or transportation surcharges.



Products are packaged securely and in accordance to current regulations to ensure safe transport and delivery.



We work with the world’s foremost and reliable shipping lines to provide the best service possible.



Concordia is the importer of record and is responsible for customs clearance and duties. This provides confidentiality for our customers.



We will deliver the product to your specified destination.



Typically overseas manufacturers will require payment in advance of shipment. Concordia does not. Subject to credit approval, we will invoice you when the product arrives at your location.

Trusted Since 2003.

Concordia Chemical was founded as a global supplier of industrial chemicals. Since then, we have added an extensive line of oilfield production intermediates which are sold both domestically and around the world. We have the capability to toll manufacture, blend and offer private labeling for distributors on most of our products.

Quality Products

An expansive catalog of quality-assured industrial chemicals and oilfield intermediates.

All-Inclusive Pricing

No hidden fees – we absorb all unforeseen charges.

Customer Experience

We take care of the entire process while providing honest and transparent customer service.

Genuinely International

We pride ourselves on having truly global sourcing.