Our Ethos

Concordia Chemical has come to this point in its development thanks to the support of our customers around the world. As a company we aspire to principles of honesty, transparency and integrity and we believe that without these, the enduring support of our customers would not have been forthcoming. We value and respect all of our customers and suppliers equally and are more than aware at all times that one does not exist without the other. We also believe in providing a work environment for our employees that is nurturing where necessary but always fair and enabling.

From a commercial standpoint we look to grow our activities only into areas that make sense and that complement or enhance existing business. This allows us to strengthen our expertise and as a result, the level of service that we are able to provide to all of our business partners. We are a company that stands by its commitments and we hope that you will continue to allow us to serve your needs.

A Look Into Our History

Our Story

Concordia Chemical was founded in 2003 as a global supplier of industrial chemicals. Since that time we have added an extensive line of oilfield production intermediates which are sold both domestically and around the world. We have the capability to toll manufacture, blend and offer private labeling for distributors on most of our products.

Why Concordia

Quality Products

An expansive catalog of quality-assured industrial chemicals and oilfield intermediates.

All-Inclusive Pricing

No hidden fees – we absorb all unforeseen charges.

Customer Experience

We take care of the entire process while providing honest and transparent customer service.

Genuinely International

We pride ourselves on having truly global sourcing.

Join the Team